Services & Capabilities

How we do what we do: for you

Strategy & Execution = Success

Hoffmann Vogler has the tools, the expertise and the personnel to position your products for maximum exposure and sales. We cut through the clutter in a crowded marketplace by:

Focusing on the right
product categories

Targeting the optimum
retail outlets

Crafting a custom program
for you

Providing personal attention to you – and your retailer

Category Analysis

Hoffmann Vogler knows the importance of analytics.  We are able to provide both our clients and our customers with fact based analysis, supported by a variety of data sources.

Ordering Process/Network System

HIGH TECH, low maintenance


So you can concentrate on what you do best, Hoffmann Vogler makes the order process as simple as can be. We continually reinvest in hardware and software to ensure that we have the most up-to-date computer systems required for our customers and manufacturers.

EDI-capable for order processing and invoicing

MCS order processing and invoicing program

MCS-based sales reports we can customize per your request

An internal network that allows us to efficiently share important sales documents tailored to your needs

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